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That of UFO is a theory that in ancient times, studying the works and antiquities, aims to look for possible contacts with extraterrestrial humans during an earlier era. This research field is also known by ufologists clipeologia (Latin clipŽus, hard or round shield: clypeus), paleoufologia or archeology or space, in imitation of scientific disciplines recognized. Such theories are not recognized by the academic research community, and show a good result in popular literature. The clipeologia is a space of time from prehistory to 1947, the year of the Roswell crash, which marks the beginning instead of modern UFOlogy.

The findings in the various fields. .

Ancient Astronauts
The main theory is that the history of humanity could only begin with the advent of extraterrestrial populations overdeveloped, the man who made a gift of civilization. This first contact with alien beings of humanity should have happened in very ancient times, influencing decisively the course of civilization. This position is known as the theory of ancient astronauts or paleocontatto and has been used by various authors and researchers, including Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin and Peter Kolosimo since the 60s, in a series of books quickly became bestsellers evidence of the interest of the people. According to ufologists, aliens who first arrived on planet Earth came from a planet known as the Sumerian word 'Nibiru', a hypothetical planet in the solar system from astronomy official yet unknown. This alien civilization, renowned as the ancient gods, and called the Anunnaki (also Elohim or Nephilim), marked the progress of many ancient civilizations including the Sumerians, Hebrews, Egyptians, Hindus, Cambodia, the Maya, the Incas, the Hopi, the Anasazi. Further exegesis

Ancient Greece

From the third millennium BC, contacts with extraterrestrials have gradually waned. UFO sightings in the classical era have continued, and the tests will be borne by ufologists reading stories on the basis of age, especially those of Timoleon greek navigator who, in 343 BC sailed from Corinth, directed towards Sicily. From his stories, it seems that in the middle of the open sea he saw a flaming torch fly in the sky above him, which was heading towards the goal.

Ancient Rome

It is based on records in this case concerning the appearance of clypeus ardens (burning shields in the sky), Latin expression which also gave its name to the branch of the UFO clipeologia. Some scholars ufology wanted to relate the sun chariot of Apollo, in Greek mythology. Giulio obsequious, considered the most important pre-ufologist its time, had a catalog with all the phenomena related to the appearance of strange objects in the sky

Ancient India

According clipeologi, ancient India has a wealth of citations in a UFO, beginning with the Vedic literature and the great epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, in which are described complex flying machines. These "flying chariot" (the Vimana) are then described in more recent texts, such as Vaimanika Sastra. According to the texts, the Vimana are oval, spherical or dome and from what the guru says Bharadvaja Maharshi: "They can not be damaged or burnt, properties may fluctuate in the air, become invisible, hear voices and feel distant images" This description suggests a matrix of unknown complessissime machines, making use of a technology unimaginable even for today. Also, were sent by the "gods" from outer space, and this proves the source of alien aircraft. Would also be able to fly to Earth and even to dive into the sea. This is a detail that reminds clipeologi the phenomenon of USE (Submerjed Unidentified Objects).

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages some stories about elves and demons (like the old crop circles attributed to the devil reaper Puck) could be read in key UFO. In a famous fresco of the eleventh century Arabic we usually see a UFO flying above the tip of a minaret under the astonished eyes of the people. Paul Toselli, in his UFO cases from ancient times to today, has called UFOs of the thousand and one nights. In 776, when as head of France there was Charlemagne, the Saxons took advantage of his absence to take up and groped Aeresburg take Sigiburg. During the siege, however, compare two heat shields on the battlefield. In his autobiography, Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) describes the appearance of Florence on a huge fiery beam, a phenomenon already observed in Spain in February 1465. A famous historical evidence is provided by Leone Cobelli (Chronicles Forlž), referred to the year 1487: one night in June, "appeared in a beam of fire, came to Mount de Pogiolo FORLIVE them on top of the walls of the Rocca de Ravaldino. Fo then probicato the coming ... Then again appeared fine day of another beam of fire come unto the mountain above the de Puzol like: and this fo obvious to people forlovese TUCTA el ... "In the same year, but in August," appeared one morning dui hore inance of a big star who was coming to the mountains of (Apennines) and went to Ravenna, seemed a sure "pavagliotta" (looked like a butterfly) to fly through the air . I saw it ... like the others. Sure seemed like a wagon wheel, and lasted about a bon mercy. Some say that more than half had seen the first hora in the mountains ... "These interpretations of the paintings are, however, refuted by careful analysis of the iconography of art of that time. The most spectacular UFO sighting of the past likely occurred April 14, 1561, in Nuremberg, where thousands of objects were seen flying lance-shaped, or cross zone above the city, intent on an apocalyptic battle [4]. On 7 August 1566 a similar event was observed, and artistically reproduced, in Basel, Switzerland.

UFO and religion

We often try to explain the emergence of some religions its characters with the intervention of extraterrestrials. These theories have given way to seven or real dischisti cults, such as the Raelian sect. The company, however, UFO almost always rejects such theories, as they often born with the simple aim of promoting atheism, and scientific study.

UFOs in art

This link between UFOs and religion has always interested me especially for the famous paintings that contain clues or real representations to suggest that sightings of UFOs in ancient times that one ... believe it or not, a doubt arises viewing these images ... painted by some big names like Piero della Francesca, Bonaventura Salimbeni .. even the suggestion of the shapes of clouds, leaves a lot to think about ...



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